Prices are Valid through to the end of July 2021.

Payment is in cash, taken on Bovu Island upon your departure. We do not accept credit or debit cards transactions as there is insufficient internet signal for a ‘Point of Sale’ card reader on the island.

We accept US$ dollars, £ British Sterling, € Euros, South African Rand, Botswana Pula and most definitely our Zambian Kwacha.

There are several ATM’s in Livingstone and one at Kazungula border post where you can draw local Zambian Kwacha (VISA ONLY). For MaterCard, in Livingstone you can use either Stanbic bank (Shoprite supermarket mall or from Absa Bank in the town centre).


Chalets: U$35-00 per person per night

Fisherman’s huts: U$25-00 per person per night

Extra bed for children under 12 years: U$10-00 per night

Your accommodation includes bedding & mosquito nets, but not towels. Should you need a towel for your stay, please ask upon arrival. We only have beach towels to offer you.


Dinner: U$12-00 Breakfast: U$7-00 Lunch: U$7-00


There is a once-off activity fee for the duration of your stay. U$25-00

This includes all of your guided sunset cruises on the river, village visits and birding walks on the mainland.

A guided fishing outing on the river with fishing gear is also included, however should you require exclusive use of a guide with Makolo for multiple fishing excursions, that will incur an extra charge of U$12-00 per day per guide that can take 2 guests.

20% of the activity fee is contributed to the Village Development Committee to help those most in need.

Vehicle Transfers

Cost U$ 30-00 Per Person from Livingstone to Bovu Island and return journey.

We collect you from your lodge, guest house, backpackers, Falls border post or Livingstone airport at approximately 14:00hrs. Arrival on Bovu Island is around 15:30hrs.

Departure from the Island is at 10:00hrs arriving back in Livingstone at 11:30hrs for drop off.

Our transfer vehicle is an old Land Cruiser pickup with mattresses in the back that you sit on and can comfortably fit 6 guests with their luggage.

We’ve been using this old Land Cruiser to ferry our guests for the past 20 years and it’s a fun way to view the surroundings. It’s just over an hour’s journey between Livingstone and the Island.

Night watchman for self drive vehicles

We can arrange a night watchman to look after your vehicle on the mainland during the nights that you are with us. This costs U$3-50 per night and we will supply his evening meal. This payment is added to your bill, payable upon departure form the island. You do not need to give the money directly to the watchman. There is no need for a watchman during the day as your vehicle is parked outside a homestead.

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