From Livingstone

Take the tar road west towards Kazungula for 41 km. Turn left at the microwave towers, then immediate right. After 100 meters turn left. Follow the track for 6 km. You'll come down the hill and then the track swings right and carries along under the power lines. After the 11th power line pole. take the left fork. Through this part of the Mopane forest you'll see lots of tracks that are made during the rainy season, they all meet up again and the best is to follow the most used one. After 3.5 Km you'll drive through Bovu Village, go slowly because of small children often run out to greet you. Through the village and after another 100 meters there will be a track off to your right. That will take you to opposite the island. Park under the shady Mahogany tree and the paddlers will come over to help you with your luggage. Your 4 x 4 is quite safe there and a night watchman will be on duty. his wage is covered by your cover charge. If you wish to leave him a tip, that's up to you.

From Kazungula Ferry Crossing

Once you have cleared formalities and passed through the gate, drive for about 2 Km and you'll come to a 'T' junction. Turn right and carry on for approximately 25 Km towards Livingstone. After climbing a small hill you'll see the 2 microwave towers on your right. Then follow the instructions on the above section.

NOTE: The track to the camp is not suitable for low clearance vehicles!

You must make a reservation before arriving at the island and let the office know what your arrival time will be, or the paddlers won't bring you across. Please try and arrive no later that 16:00 hrs.

It's always a good idea to send a text message to the cell phone on the island when you leave either Livingstone or Kazungula so that we know what time to expect you. The # is +260978725282

Kazungula Border Information

Botswana Side:

All persons are required to present themselves to immigration. If you are using a transfer or taxi, they'll be able to drive you right down to the ferry once you have cleared.

If you are driving yourself, then you'll need to clear the vehicle through customs. They will require proof of ownership for the vehicle. If it's hired, show them the hire papers. If it's a company Vehicle or belongs to someone else, they will require a letter from the owner allowing you to remove it from Botswana / Southern Africa Common Customs Zone. This letter will also need a police clearance stamp from your home town. You will then be issued with a temporary export permit (T.E.P.) normally valid for 1 month. At this border crossing, Customs seldom issue a gate pass leaving the country.

Now drive through the gate and 500 meters down the road to the pontoon. Line up in the small vehicle queue, normally along the left of all the big trucks. (You may be accosted by self-proclaimed-clearing-agents, you don't need them, but if you have around US$ 10-00 to spare, that's up to you, they can help you onto the ferry and formalities on the Zambian side). When it's your turn to drive onto the ferry, no passengers are permitted in your vehicle, only the driver. 1 or 2 small cars first, then a big truck, followed by another 1 or 2 small cars. Foot passengers walk on after all the vehicles have driven on. Once you reach the Zambian side, your passengers can be in the car whilst you drive off. Then find yourself a parking space amongst all the big trucks, sometimes not that easy! From here you'll need to go to the first blue building on your right to pay for the ferry. Then to Immigration and Customs, last building on your left near the exit gate. After passports are stamped by Immigration, the driver needs to clear the vehicle through Customs. They will require your Registration papers, ownership letters and the (T.E.P.) that was issued from the Botswana side. You will be required to fill out a Temporary Import Permit (T.I.P.). After Customs, you'll need to get a 1 month vehicle 3rd party insurance, your normal insurance won't work in Zambia. Next piece of paper is quite expensive, this will be your carbon emission tax. Then lastly you'll need to pay for a local Kazungula Council road tax.

Print Out Directions

If you would like to print out a sketch map of Kazungula border post and directions with a bit more info on the crossing procedure, click this link: Kpublic_html/images/Kaz map.docaz Map