Contact the co-ordinator, Evelyn Roe, to find out how to donate funds:

Nandavu Community School urgently requires funds for the construction of two classrooms and an office.

2008 Class

Construction should be completed during the dry months of April to November this year. In 2008, villagers and volunteers dug the foundations and began making blocks; and we bought building tools and materials with money donated during the second half of the year. The community will continue to provide most of the labour free of charge, but all other costs can only be met from donations and fund-raising activities.

Costs are estimated at US$30 000 to construct and furnish two classrooms and an office. Funds raised in 2008 total US$10 000, of which more than half has been spent on the first stage of the project.

Please note that there is no administration fee for this project.

Here's the breakdown of estimated costs for 2009:


  • US$16 000 - building materials
  • US$ 5 000 - classroom furniture
  • US$ 5 000 - contractor's fee
  • US$ 3 000 - truck (fuel & maintenance)
  • US$ 1 000 - stationery, phone, internet, miscellaneous


Other resources which require funding include:

  • Books, charts, exercise books, pencils. All donations specified for this purpose are used to purchase locally available items. Materials from overseas are welcomed and can be sent by post (see postal address below) or brought out by visitors to the school.
  • Food and drink for the children at the end of the day’s lessons
  • Subsidies for teachers’ salaries. This is about US$50 per month per teacher. School fees of about US$5 per child per term go towards paying the teachers. This is the parents' current financial contribution to the running of the community school.

How to donate funds:

1. Use PayPal as a secure way to send money online. Go to and follow instructions for sending money to This can be used for many currencies and we can withdraw funds in Zambia.

2. Send money by international bank transfer to the Zambian bank account.

3. Deposit money in UK savings account set up on behalf of the school.

Contact the co-ordinator, Evelyn Roe, for bank account details


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