Seven neighbouring villages have come together to develop Nandavu Community School for their children. These are the villages of Munguni, Mulemi, Lizazi, Sililo, Siakantu, Malambo and Mandia, between Livingstone and Kazungula in Zambia's Southern Province.

Nandavu Community School is located nearest Lizazi, one of the middle villages. [GPS co-ordinates 17°50´S, 25°30´E]


Village HeadmanThe church members and their pastor Mr. Frank Kooma (standing in photo on left) have been kind enough to allow the teachers to hold lessons in the church building, but this is barely adequate as a classroom. Chief Sekute and the Headmen of all the participating villages have allocated a plot of land for school buildings, playing fields and a garden.

The school committee is comprised of teachers and enthusiastic parents, who meet regularly to make decisions about the school development programme.


School committee

The Government does not provide new community schools with funds for construction, educational materials or teachers’ salaries, and most community members are subsistence farmers and fishermen, so it's a challenge for parents to find money to construct and equip a new school.

It’s all hands on deck for the building programme. Villagers are collecting locally available materials, digging the foundations and making blocks now. Jungle Junction, which runs a small camp nearby, is providing a truck and Land-Cruiser to transport building materials to the school site.